Turkish Vehicles Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish vehicles, Turkey vehicles manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality vehicles from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

ALZER OTOMOTIV LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Gaffar ÇİFÇİ    
s ground upholster, doormat, eraser, gasket of vulcanised rubber, iron and steel bars, rods, angles, shapes, sections, sheet piling, articles, iron, steel, locks, clasps, keys, motor vehicle seats, non-driving axles, inductors, machine parts, motor vehicle parts, safety belts, plastic containers, switches, parts of lighting equipments, parts of nonmotorized bicycles, vehicles, parts of trailers, semi trailer parts, compressor ignition engine parts, screws, bolts, steel springs, transmisson shafts
KARATAS TARIMCILIK A.S.        Türkiye     Aslı KARATAŞ    
s agricultural machines, commercial vehicles, stackers, 2nd hand machines, work machines, vehicles, automotive, agricultural machinery, farm machinery, agricultural equipments, agricultural equipment, agricultural machine, tillage machinery, tillage machine, front loader bucket, laser land leveling machines, land leveling machines, land leveling machine, manual land leveling machines, manual land leveling machine, feed mixing machines, feed mixers, feed mixing equipments, feed mixing machine, biomass boiler, grain dryer, grain drying boiler, paddy drying boiler, soil cultivation, front loader bucket
CAVUSOGLU DAMPER        Türkiye         
s trailer, trailers, damper, dampers, vehicle, vehicles, municipality, municipality vehicles, municipality vehicle, municipality equipment, municipality equipments, municipality trucks, on vehicle equipment, on vehicle equipments, onvehicle equipment
BM MAKINA SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye         
s light crane systems, electric chain cranes, motor cable pulleys, energy carrier systems, open busbar systems, t-shaped profiles, kumbruch wagon jacks, lifting machine, rotating machines, rail system vehicles, light, crane, electric, chain, cranes, motor, cable, pulleys, energy, carrier, busbar, t-shaped, profiles, kumbruch, wagon, jacks, lifting, machine, rotating, machines, rail, system, vehicles, machine, energy, cranes, profiles, machines, cable, crane, pulleys, chain, electric, jacks, vehicles, motor, busbar, light, rotating machines, carrier, system, lifting machine, wagon
IBRAHIM ORS TARIM ALET VE MAKINA A.S.        Türkiye         
s vehicles, military vehicles, military equipments, army forces equipments, emergency vehicles, water tanks, logistic equipments, airport equipments, snow blades, agricultural equipments, trailers, plough, chisel, seed drill, sprayers, sow blades, containers, mobile houses, mobile clinics, plough, seed drill, trailers, agricultural equipments, sprayers, chisel, water tanks, emergency vehicles, containers, vehicles, military vehicles, snow blades, mobile clinics, logistic equipments
ALASR ALHADEETH AUTO IND. EQUIP. CO. LTD.        Libya     saad Al Senussi    
s vehicles, heavy equipment & spares
AROBUS ARAC IMALAT A.S.        Türkiye     Ahmet EYÜBOĞLU    
s vehicle, tools, minibus, minbus on, bus, special vehicles, transport vehicle, filled, commercial vehicles, ambulance vehicle, ambulance, team tool, team car, van, automotive, vehicle superstructure, vehicle manufacture, minibus conversion, refrigerated vehicle, emergency vehicles, coaches, minibuses, commercial vehicle, vehicles, emergency vehicle, vehicle, bus, coach, refrigerated truck, vans, refrigerated trucks, light duty vehicles, light duty vehicle, duty vehicles, passenger bus, passenger buses, ambulance vehicles
s conveyor, conveyors, conveyer, conveyers, lift, lifts, machine, machines, hanger, hangers, fixture, fixtures, seal machine, seal machines, table, tables, heating table, heating tables, station, stations, waiting station, waiting stations, positioning, position, position station, position stations, positioning station, positioning stations, vehicle, vehicles, tool, tools, vehicle position station, vehicle position stations, tool position station, tool position stations, stamping tool, stamping, silicone, leather cutting machines, vehicle, leather cutting machine, stamping tools, vehicle waiting conveyor, vehicle waiting conveyors, curve machine, curve machines, case hanger, case hangers, punchdown tool, punchdown tools, punch down tool, punch down tools, closer machine, closer machines, box underside closer machine, box underside closer machines, box top side closer machine, box top side closer machines, siliconize, siliconise, siliconize machine, siliconize machines
MARGUL ULUSLARARASI TASIMACILIK A.S.        Türkiye     songül güzel    
s highway, seaway, navigation, airway, skyway, airline, project, partial, shipping, portage, carry, customs, clearance, goods, customs clearance of goods, fuse, insurance, storage, vehicles, truck, way, long, short way, highway, airway
SEZER HALI        Türkiye     Tugba ASIK    
s automotive, building, cleaning, construction, cooling, cosmetic, electric, electronic, energy, food, furniture, glassware, heating, iron, jewelry, kitchenware, leather, livestock, machinery, marble, metals, packaging, paper, printing, security, shoes, steel, vehicles, ventilation, wood
THE GERMAN HOUSE IMPORT        Mısır     Ahmed Sharaf    
s vehicles, parts, auto, car, truck, benz, actros, hyundai, kia, mercedes, bmw, audi, totota, rover, bently, vw, skoda, chevorolett, gmc, bus
ALBARAKAT GROUP        Suudi Arabistan     nabeel hamza    
s automatic, bench, bust, car, care, carpet, chrome, cleaning, decoration, dent, detail, foam, furniture-paints, garage, lifts, machines, paints, polish, repairs, rubber, shampoo, steam, tools, trucks, upholstery, vehicles, wash, wheel-alignment, care
s audi car, audi cars, auto, car, commercial vehicle, diesel cars, fuel efficient cars, mercedes cars, renault car, renault cars, sports car, vehicles
s cars, mercedes cars, mercedes vehicles, mercedes benz, commercial vehicle, trailer, tanker, tanker semi trailer adr, semi trailer, curtain semi trailer, dumper, vehicles, mercedes bus, mercedes trucks, light commercial vehicle, mercedes light commercial vehicles
AY YILDIZ KAUCUK        Türkiye     Erol AYATA    
s hose, epdm, nitrile, naturel rubber, cement hoses, cocrete hoses, air transfer hoses, vacuum hoses, silicone hoses, turbo charging, intercooler silicone hoses, natural caoutchouc, neoprene, hydraulic fitting production, hydraulic hose fittings, construction machinery, radiator, air circulation hoses, oil hoses, hydraulic hoses, plastic hoses, heavy construction mahchinery, bus, truck, vehicles, agriculture machinery, combat tanks, hydraulic hose fittings
BC DENIZCILIK VE BROKERLIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Barış ERER    
s yacht, yachts, boat craft, boats, sandal, boats, boat, mega yacht, mega yachts, motor yacht, motor yachts, sailing yacht, sailing yachts, gulet yacht, gulet yachts, trawler yacht, trawler yachts, rent a yacht, marina, sailboat, sailboats, sail, marine engine, marine engines, yacht engine, yacht engines, underwater survey, boat underwater control, boat rescue, carina control, sonar control, propeller shaft control, float control, underwater welding, underw, vehicles, marine, vehicle, sea, sea transport, marine engines, marina, underwater thermal elecrod welding, water transport, private sea vehicles, private boat, private yacht
ISTANBUL FIAT LTD. STI.        Türkiye     İsmet KARAHAN    
s auto, auto sales, fiat, fiat spare part, fiat spare parts, auto spare part, auto spare parts, vehicle spare part, vehicle spare parts, auto parts, automotive parts, automotive spare parts, fiat parts, iveco parts, iveco spare parts, vehicles, fiat autos, fiat brand autos, fiat cars, fiat brand cars, second hand cars, second hand fiat cars, second hand fiat brand cars, auto part, automotive part, automotive spare part, fiat part, iveco part, iveco spare part, vehicle, fiat auto, fiat brand auto, fiat car, fiat brand car, second hand car, second hand fiat car, second hand fiat brand car
ALTINAY HAVACILIK VE ILERI TEKNOLOJI A.S.        Türkiye     Zekeriya Burak MERCAN    
s motion system, motion systems, actuator, actuators, platform, platforms, motion platform, motion platforms, robot, robots, manipulator, manipulators, test system, test systems, high technology application, high technology applications, unmanned system, unmanned systems, unmanned ground vehicle, unmanned ground vehicles, ground vehicle, ground vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicle, unmanned aerial vehicles, aerial vehicle, aerial vehicles, unmanned vehicle, unmanned vehicles, uav, ugv, vehicle, energy, automation systems, automation system, storage systems, energy systems, vehicles, storage system, environmental regulations, vehicle, robot, performance test, surveillance, disposal, test systems, energy system, dismantling, energy solutions, munitions, munition, energy solution, energy storage system, energy storage systems, e-mobility, e-mobility system, e-mobility systems, demilitarization, demilitarization system, demilitarization systems, munition segmenting, segmenting, munition dismantling, performance tests, designing demilitarization system, manufacturing demilitarization system, installation demilitarization system, munition part, munition parts, friendly designs, environmentally friendly designs, environmentally designs, environmental regulation, munitions disposal facility, disposal facility, disposal facilities, ammunition surveillance facility, surveillance facility, surveillance facilities
TARYOL TARIM VE YOL TASIT ARAC LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s trailer, road vehicles, vehicles
s truck, heavy vehicle, heavy vehicles, trucks, consultancy